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Automatic pressure regulator

from 598,00 €

Compressed air coming from the compressor has a pressure of 3-10 bar. This pressure has to be reduced before being used for immersion and ventilation of the SETIS™ bioreactors. 

The basic SETIS™ control unit comes with a manual pressure regulator. Vervit also offers an automated pressure regulator that allows for the operating pressure to be regulated by the control unit optimally for each operation function. 

The automatic pressure regulated is recommended to fully benefit from all the functions of the SETIS™ control unit. Especially when it is used on a large numer of bioreactors. 


Specifications, included in the kit

This kit (SE-APR2) is sold seperately from the control unit and is intended for SETIS™ clients who wish to smitch their control unit from a manual to an automated pressure regulator.


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