SETIS™ Bioreactor

What is the production capacity of a SETIS™ bioreactor?

The holding capacity of the Culture Vessel depends on the plant species on which it is used. For exaple the Culture Vessel can hold up to 500 potato or banana plantlets or up to 1200 plantlets of sugar cane.

How often do the SETIS™ air filters have to be replaced?

The SETIS™ air filters are best replaced after ten autoclavings, or whenever there is visible damage or liquid has touched the interior of the filter. 

SETIS™ Rack systems

SETIS™ Control Unit

What is a Contol Point?

A control point is a pair of valves on the Control Unit. It allows for controlling up to 32 bioreactors to run simultaneously. 

What is a light point?

A loght point in a relay-switch on the Control Unit that allows for switching lights on and off. These can be programmed with the SETIS™ softawe to provide light to your plants automatically. 

Light points run indipendently from Control Points.

What are the advantages of an automated pressure regulator?

The automated pressure controler allows to program the air pressure with the SETIS™ software. This allows for an adapted pressure for each task such as ventilating, immersing and fast draining.

Air handling equipment


SETIS™ can provide you with training, consultancy as well as some ready-to-use growth protocols for SETIS™.

For any question regarding the sharing of know-how by SETIS™, please contact us at info@vervit.be